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Countr is not free for us to host. As the bill is rising, we need some supporters to back us up. They get some perks in return for helping us out!

Premium-only features

  • Access to the Premium bot with less downtime, faster response time and faster startup time if we ever have an outage
  • Early access to fancy new beta features
  • Premium support on our support server, and a fancy role for your support!
  • Live scoreboard (like /leaderboard, but updates every five minutes)
  • More flows, triggers and actions (25 of each)

You need to use the Premium bot to get these rewards, these are not available through the normal bot.

How to get Premium

You can get Premium in two ways: through Patreon or through Nitro boosting our support server. Patreon has different tiers with different amounts of server slots while boosting gets you one slot only. You can also have a Patreon tier while boosting as server slots add up.


You must be in the support server to get your rewards, this is due to our automated credits system.


If you're a Patron then you need to have your Discord account connected to your Patreon to receive your rewards. Read more on this guide. It might take some time for Patreon to update your roles, so just be patient. If you're a Patron and you're not receiving your rewards after some time, please let us know and we'll help you out!

Add Premium to your server

In the support server, you should now have access to the commands /server add and /server remove. Using these commands, you can add the server(s) you want to be granted Premium access. You don't need to be the server owner or anything, you don't even need to be in the server you want to give Premium to. Just know that if you add someone else's server, they will get access to Premium and use up one of your server slots.

After you've done that, you can ask one of the support members for an invite link.

You can list all your servers by right-clicking your profile, going to Apps in the dropdown and then click "See premium information". If you're unsure on how to do this then let us know.

Refunds policy

TL;DR: There's no refunds. Premium is literally $1/month, so us refunding you will be a waste of time for both of us. If you're unsure about sacrificing a dollar to at least test out Premium's features then you should probably just keep your money instead.


If you change your mind later and want to downgrade to the free bot then you can safely do so by kicking the Premium bot and adding the free bot again. Both bots use the same database so your data is safe and mirrored over when you add the bot back.