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Regex filters

A regex filter can filter out bad or unwanted messages in your counting channel without screwing up the count.


Discord is filled with potentially unwanted messages, so we've added this so moderators can try to filter out most of them from the counting channel automatically. Whenever a message matches a regex filter you've configured, the count will automatically fail and the message will be deleted.

How to manage regex filters

You can add a new filter using the /filters add command, and remove using /filters remove. You can list all your filters with /filters list.

How to test regex filters

We recommend using a Regex Tester to test your regex filters. Here's an example:

Regex example

In this example, the regex is hello world. You add this regex filter by doing /filters add regex:hello world.


Our regex evaluator is timed, so if you have a complex regex, it might fail to evaluate.